Deacons Ministry

Deacons Ministry

The Deacons Ministry is responsible for the spiritual welfare of the church, all worship services, including communion.  The Deacons Ministry also oversees all baptisms, weddings and funerals/memorial services held in the church

Each Deacon Minister has a Passion for Christ, which they act on in a variety of ways:

Visitation – when needed, Deacon Ministers will provide communion to the home bound or those in professional care living facilities.  This is wonderful Ministry that allows us to interact one-on-one with church members, but in a setting outside of the church.

Music – the Deacon Ministers work closely with the Church Music Director, choir, and children’s groups to bring music to our Worship Services.

Sanctuary Services – Deacon Ministers are closely involved with all aspects of worship, from overseeing the ushers, maintaining the physical aspects of worship (candles, offertory, seating, sound etc.), to working with the Pastor on various aspect of worship.

Congregational Care – Deacon Ministers are very involved with visitors and new people to our church.  More importantly, Deacons also keep abreast on those church members and friends that we haven’t seen for a while. Are there reasons we haven’t seen you in a while – health, family issues, travel, or desire to try out other churches?  The Deacons want to know, and want to help when we can.

The Deacons Ministry is always looking for additional areas where Our Passion Takes Action!

    Your 2016 Deacon Ministers:

  • Randy Yorston (Chairperson)
  • Tom Anderson
  • Clyde Bennett
  • Beth Kreshak
  • Holly Swift
  • Ellie Tarczuk
  • Don Rankin