Recent Events

Recent Events


April 1. 2017 We had a wonderful time at the Fools for Christ Variety Show. Lots of talent, laughs, and some unexpected visitation!!!
(View the video HERE! )
Thank you to Anthony Malone, Andy Karn, and Ray Tarczuk for the pictures.

Mission Trip to Bluefields Nicaragua

February, 2017
(View Pictures from Trip HERE! )
Thank you to Anthony Malone, Andy Karn, and Ray Tarczuk for the pictures.

Rev. Ebony Grisom’s Ordination Service

October 30, 2016
The Ordination Service for Rev. Ebony Grisom was an amazing combination of spirit, love, music and praise. If you have never been to an ordination service, or if you want to see the outpouring of love for Rev. Grisom from a variety of friends, family and clergy, please view the video.

Rev. Ebony Grisom Ordination Service

View service HERE
Some key points:
Combined FBC and WCBC Choir Anthem: 26:35
Ordination Sermon – Rev. Prince Raney Rivers: 37:49
Ordination Laying on of Hands: 1:16:30

October 16, 2016
Mufti Ikram ul Huq visits First Baptist Church, East Greenwich

We were privileged, as part of our Voices of Faith Series, to have Mufti Ikram ul Haq visit us in Fellowship Cafe this Sunday. What an enlightening and interesting presentation and question/answer period!

You can view a video of the presentation and questions by clicking (link to video HERE)

In Islam a Mufti is a Muslim legal expert who is empowered to give rulings on religious matters, the result of many many years of study. Mufti Ikram is the ONLY Mufti in New England.

Mufti Ikram ul Haq is the resident Imam of Masjid Al-Islam in North Smithfield RI, USA and Mufti of Darul-Ifta of Rhode Island. Mufti Ikram ul Haq memorized the entire Quran at the age of eleven in a short period of just 13 months. Thereafter, he went on to study Islamic Shariah at the Institute of Islamic Sciences Islamabad, Pakistan, where he spent 6 years learning in depth, the sciences of Islamic Shariah including Arabic Grammar (Sarf, Nahw etc.)Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, and History of Islam.

Aside from being a resident Imam at Masjid Al-Islam, Mufti Ikram is passionately involved in activities outside the Masjid as well such as delivering lectures at various colleges and universities, participating in different religious meetings, providing invaluable religious advice to Islamic schools, and participating in interfaith dialogue, to name a few


Outdoor Service Aug 14th 2016

It was a hot steamy Sunday morning, but we were cooled by the shade, the great music from Pastor Malone and Donna O’Brien, and the beautiful service. We LISTENED to the wind, the birds, and the Word of God. Do you LISTEN?

(Watch a short video of the music in this pastoral setting HERE)

(You can view pictures of the service by clicking on the thumbnail)

(First Baptist Church, East Greenwich. July 18, 2016)

WOW! What an amazing outpouring of love, truth, thought and caring. We listened. We agreed, and maybe we disagreed. But we listened. We sang. We found common ground and we were illuminated to areas of difference. But we listened. And in listening with our ears, heart, mind and soul, we were uplifted.

We are proud of our community who came out to listen, and we are proud of the great number of diverse and caring speakers who presented their thoughts. An example is Pastor Ebony Grisom (Resident Pastor First Baptist Church, East Greenwich) who, in her role as “closer” of the Vigil, evoked the memory of ace New York Yankee closer Mariano Riviera. She DID close in grand fashion, but somewhere along the way she also hit a few home runs like some of those OTHER Yankees – Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Alex Rodriguez.

View Complete Video HERE
Rev. Dr. Jonathan Malone – 00:01:08
Bob Houghtaling – 00:05:22
Col. Steven Pare – 00:13:42
Dr. Eshun Mirza – 00:19:32
Rabbi Aaron Philmus – 00:28:42
Rev. Dr. Donald Anderson – 00:49:37
Margret Rodrigue & Grace Fitch – 01:06:12
Chuck Wilson – 01:11:42
Rev. Ebony Grisom – 01:23:42
View Pastor Ebony HERE


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June 12, 2016.

Bay Winds Chamber Group with Don Rankin, featuring Les Kenny. Concert was held on June 12 in our Sanctuary. Tremendous music and tremendous musicians. Click on the link(s) below to listen to the performances.

Mozart Piano Quintet in E-flat Major – Bay Winds Chamber Group with Don Rankin (Piano)
(Listen HERE)

Bach Goldberg Variations – Les Kenney (Piano)
(Listen HERE)

Beethoven Piano Quintet E-flat major – Bay Winds Chamber Group with Don Rankin (Piano)
(Listen HERE)

Rhode Island Interfaith Coalition to Reduce Poverty visits FBC

April 24, 2016

We were privileged to have Emily Jones of Rhode Island Interfaith Coalition to Reduce Poverty speak to us during coffee hour. Emily detailed to us some of the horrific numbers regarding the poor in Rhode Island, but more importantly, she told us some of the heartfelt stories shared by many poor in Rhode Island. There was much discussion about “what can we do” from a faith-based perspective and from a political advocacy point of view.

It was a fascinating lecture and discussion, which you can see for your self by viewing the video HERE

Easter 2016 Children, Adult, Russian Congregation Music
March 2016

Click Here to watch the video.

Live Podcast – Secret of Happiness
February 2016

Click Here to watch the video of the podcast.

First Baptist Goes Bowling
January 2016

Click Here to watch the video of the podcast.

2016 Chili Cook-off

View our Video Here

Outdoor Adult Baptism
August 2015

Click Here to watch the video of the podcast.

Prayer Flag Ministry and Outdoor Service
August 2015

Click Here to watch the video.