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The Youth Program at First Baptist is active and has a place for everyone. There are six components to our Youth Program.
1. Education: Of course, we have Sunday School on Sunday mornings for those age 4 to 18. Our Bible-based curriculum follows the American Baptist liturgical calendar and includes play acting, crafts and memory verses. Classes begin after the Children’s Story in the Service and continue until 11:00am. Our youngest babies up to age 3 can be settled in the Nursery. You can stay in the Nursey with your child and hear the Service via special microphones, or leave your child in our care while taking a beeper just in case.

2. Music: Our Youth Program is blessed to be inspired by retired-music teach Mrs. Donna O’Brien and Mrs. Rebekah Malone. They lead the children (age 4 to 12) in Ring & Sing activities to sing and perform hand-bells at regular services. Older youth are involved in Youth Choir and/or First Baptist Orchestra. The Orchestra was established in 2015 and includes youngsters learning the recorder, reeds, horns and teens with strings – violin, viola and bass. Their music brings the Holy Spirit into our service.

3. Fellowship: Our Youth Program includes two elements of fellowship. First, the junior and senior high youth support with Women’s Alliance at the annual May Breakfast. They serve and clear tables. They’re an integral part of the floor team. Second, all youth in our Sunday School serve as ushers and waiters at our “Over 80s Luncheons” on certain Sundays. Youth Groups for junior and senior high meet monthly to share highs and lows and to experience a step in their faith journey.

4. Service: Our Youth Program includes many opportunities for experiences of service to others. We join Warwick Central Baptist Church on a monthly basis to prepare healthy and hefty sandwich bags for Crossroads Shelter in Providence. We help deliver them to Providence. Youth are involved in collection of canned goods and peanut butter for holidays throughout the year. The intergenerational element of our congregation means that youth are called upon to join their elders in serving Fellowship Café or other family events.

5. Evangelism: Our Youth have the opportunity to reach out into the community to share the joy of Jesus Christ. East Greenwich sponsors “Main Street Strolls” for local businesses and neighbors to share their wares. We welcome the presence of the youth at our evangelism table.

6. Missions: The older members of our Youth may be allowed to join our Mission Trips. The trips to the XYZ church in Washington DC to support their summer youth program are available to all members of the Senior High classes. Members of the Junior High Classes participate in the Sandwich Ministry. Selected members of the Senior High Group may be asked to join the adults in one of our biennial international mission trips when we provide construction and medical aid to an American Baptist mission.